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The Benefits of Group Energy Healing with Theta

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

It was such a pleasure to host a group theta healing on Sunday afternoon!

The healing was preceded by a cacao tasting from Soul Lift Cacao’s Nick Meador - a social entrepreneur providing artisanal cacao grown and processed in the ancient Mayan ways on the mystical and stunning land of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

The sampling of hot, freshly brewed cacao drinks allowed all 10 of us to drop into a warm-hearted, grounded, and centered place in our nervous systems and bodies.

Then, we transitioned from the table to a circle on the floor where I played a crown chakra singing bowl and guided a meditation to bring us into a collective theta brainwave state.

I asked the group what everyone was wanting healing around or what they needed support with, and some common themes emerged.

Working with our collective belief systems in the theta brainwave space, I was able to isolate and distill the common themes into positive affirmations, and download us all with the new beliefs.

Yes - it’s all about the power of belief!

Bringing conscious intent to the theta brainwave can facilitate actual transformation of our innermost thoughts and programs that run our mind - also known as our belief systems, or mindsets.

Doing this as a group is particularly illuminating, in the sense that we discover how much we have in common and how interconnected our stories, struggles and desires are.

In the days after, participants have told me that they are feeling clear, happy and transformed.

Halley B. was even kind enough to leave me a Yelp review:

Katerina is a perceptive facilitator and very attuned to the energy in the space. She hosted a transformational experience combined with cacao that was truly inspiring. I felt held in a very safe space with her presence, and I really felt like she knew exactly what was needed for the group to shift our belief systems. The whole day I felt amazing after attending her workshop. Highly recommend working with her! She brings exquisite attention and a refined healing approach to her work.

Thanks, Halley! I hope to see you, and all of you readers, at a Community Energy Healing in the future.

In deep gratitude,


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